Looking For Piano Lessons?

According to many surveys, the piano is the most popular musical instrument played by amateur musicians in America. Are you interested in learning the piano now? While many people buy pianos for the children, the 25 to 75+ age group is a fast growing group that is eagerly taking piano lessons.

However, the difference between amateur and a musician is the ability to understand the piano notes and thereafter play it efficiently. If you an aspiring pianist, it is best to appoint a piano tutor who would teach you the intricacies of the instrument and how to get around with it.

Conventionally, piano lessons were offered on a tete-a-tete instruction for a definite time span, usually ½ hour - 1 hour. However, today, people who wish to learn the piano have various options at hand. Irrespective of the fact that you are on the look out for piano lessons for an adult or a child piano lessons are available to suit your lifestyle.

Cons of Private Piano Teacher

Some people learn better with a teacher while there are others who prefer learning the instrument by themselves. A tutor present while learning the piano can prove to be very advantageous, since the tutor can correct you if you make a mistake. The only real negative aspect of hiring a tutor for teaching you is the cost. The costs incurred for piano lessons vary according to the teacher and the area you reside.

Free Piano Lessons Online

If you are keen on spending years on learning how to read piano notations and play what other people composed, go ahead and do so. But wait! If you are keen on pursuing a new approach to learning the piano, you can choose a free piano lesson online. There are various online lessons that are designed according to the likes of the users. You can easily choose one that is based on chords or plainly improvisations of the known piano skills.

If you've ever wanted to play the piano but never had the right teacher, time or money, you're going to love these 5 reviews. Our top 3 picks are the most effective value for money piano lessons on the internet.

Piano Lesson Comparison Table
Overall RatingPrice Price Read Review Effectiveness Lesson Covered Skill Level Bonuses Free
Rocket Piano

Best Content

$39.95 Buy Rocket Piano Read Rocket Piano Review All Levels 5 Bonuses Mini eCourse
Secret To Playing Piano


$69.95 Buy Secret To Playing Piano Read Secret To Playing Piano Review All Levels 7 Bonuses Free Tips & Lessons
Piano By Pattern

Very Good

$67.77 Buy Piano By Pattern Read Piano By Pattern Review Beginners Up 3 Bonuses None
Power Piano Chords $39.00 Buy Power Piano Chords Read Power Piano Chords Review Beginners Up NoneNone
Piano Is Fun $24.95 Buy Piano Is Fun Read Piano Is Fun Review For Children None None

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