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Price: $24.95
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Skill Level: Beginners & Children
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Money Back: 1 Year
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Computer: PC

Piano Is Fun Software Review


PIANOISFUN is a software game in a downloadable format that acts as a learning material for music students. The goal of the game is to teach musical clefs to the beginners. However, though the game is quality material, it is more geared towards musical teachers or parents who want to make young pupils interested in learning music, most likely in the elementary level.

The game consists of twenty lessons, and at the end of each lesson, the students get rewards in order to attain medals- bronze, silver, and gold. The software is very well designed, and easy to use, and can store the progress data of up to 50 students at a time.

Though the site claims to be geared towards adults, the gaming software makes it fit only for young students, and maybe, and odd adult beginner.

Ease of Use

PianoIsFun is very easy to use, and quite effective too. The narrations of the lessons can be either listened to online, or alternatively, the files can be downloaded onto the computer. However, there are no instructions as to how to download the lessons or access the bundled audio lessons.

Ease Of Installation and Set-Up

The set-up process to install the game onto the PC is very frustrating. The software can be worked only on the PC, and not on the Mac. Also, it cannot be used on Windows Vista as of now, though it is expected that this will be possible to do in a couple of months time.

After saving a small file on downloading, the user is required to enter an e-mail address, and the registration key opens the format to be filled in. The most irritating part of the process is that the installation triggers a virus warning from your anti-virus program. The reason is that the installation is done using various hidden files, raising a false alarm. The files are not dangerous, and will not affect you computer in a harmful way though. But the whole fiasco can surely confuse a new user.

Content Quality

The game is very good and interesting with imaginative inputs, and can be quite fun for any youngster, while at the same time helping them learning clefs. It can also be pretty entertaining for an adult novice to learn a few things about the piano. However, it cannot be used as a stand-alone teaching tool to learn to fully play the piano.

Good Points

The game is pretty simple and easy to follow, and can be effectively used by music teachers as a supplementary educational material and can be a useful and handy guideline to parental teaching their children to learn piano in a fun filled way. The game is suited to young audience with an adult available to keep a tab on the child’s progress. The price of the product is very reasonable.

Bad Points

Despite, what the site claims, adults cannot use the software. It cannot be run on the Mac’s and also on PC’s running Windows Vista. The registration and the set-up process are very irritating, and there is no other learning material like books, or audio/video files etc. Also, the higher levels go up very fast, which requires a very thorough understanding of lower levels in order to be able to keep up.


The program can help a student learn about clefs, and notes, but not the complete piano itself. Other sites, that use chord progression, are much more suited for adults that want to learn the piano. However, this software is very good for music teachers, or parents that are keen to develop musical, and piano skills in their children in an effective way and fun filled manner. The game is fun, yet challenging, and can be utilized as a learning tool very effectively to establish and mark the child’s efforts and endeavors in learning piano.

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