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Power Piano Chords


The e-book “Secret of Exciting Chords and Chord Progression” is the main component of Piano-Music-Lessons. It is a professionally written book in clear language, and is multimedia based.

The book contains 39 lessons covering all aspects of learning to play chords on a piano. This is accompanied by equal number of audio lessons (through an internet connection) where you can hear the author explain and illustrate every chord, and progression.

The audio is of varied length depending upon the corresponding lesson. On purchasing the program, you also get chord progression newsletter at no extra cost. The bottom of the web site features a list of various music-related article links, and access to latest music news, which is a unique feature of this site.

Ease of Use

The book is very simple to use, and results in a wonderful learning experience. Apart from the latest Adobe Reader, or some other pdf reader (which are freely available over the internet, and is a regular feature of any modern computer), there is no other installation required, as there is no program to be installed, but only a book to be opened.

The book was tested to work smoothly on both PC, and the Mac. The only set back is that the audio files can only be accessed through a net connection, and the links are situated only in the table of contents of the book, and not in the body.

Ease of Installation and Set-Up

As there is nothing to be installed, it is fairly easy to start taking lessons. The book is very easy to download and open with the correct reader. The audio files can be easily accessed through all types of internet connections.

Content Quality

No learning course, no matter how easy to install, set-up, and use can be really effective if the content is bad. Content is the key, and everything else makes sense only when the content is good. And this is one of the strongest points of “Secret of Exciting Chords and Chord Progression”. The book is very well written, and is fairly simple to use. The book contains step-by-step pictorial description of correct hand and finger placement for playing the chords. Though the diamond ring worn by the piano player is clearly visible on each picture, which are in plain black-and-white, the quality of the lessons are perfect for any beginner.

Good Points

The e-book coupled with the audio files is very good and effective. The news articles on the home page are also very helpful.

Bad Points

It would have been very refreshing if the book were in color. Also, it would have been very helpful if the links to the audio files were also available with the body of the book, instead of only the contents. The course could have included some bonus features like software, games, or some video files, which is very common with various other sites.


Though the package contains only the multimedia e-book, and the audio files it much more better and effective in learning piano chords, as compared to other sites. The package is no-nonsense learning material meant for serious students that want to learn chord progression. This is the proven method of gaining insight into not only the piano, but is an easy way to learn various other instruments, and the music in general. The product is excellent, and the price very reasonable for all that it offers.

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