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Rocket Piano Review

Have you ever wanted to play the piano, be it for your own pleasure, or be it to soothe you or be it so that you can play in a concert? And wanting to play and learn piano did you feel hassled by moody music teachers and countless lessons?

Then, Rocket Piano is the perfect stop for you. Rocket Piano can help you fulfill all your dreams, right from learning to read music, to recognizing chords, to playing the beautiful lilting music that can calm anyone’s frazzled nerves. Rocket Piano is just the best you can find, where learning the piano by yourself is concerned.

Rocket Piano has emerged as the leader in teaching people, how to play the piano online. Rocket piano is perfect for learners as well as professionals, who have one thing in common…their love for the piano.

Ashleigh Southam is the heart and soul behind Rocket Piano’s success. He has been playing the piano for fourteen years, for bands and countless popular quartets. And though he specializes in Jazz Piano, he can play Gospel, Pop, Rock, Classical and Blues Piano beautifully. Playing the piano has always been a priority in his life, and he proved it by getting a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the OTAGO University and also a Contemporary Music Certificate from the Christchurch Jazz School. So, who is better to help you learn the piano than Ashleigh Southam?

Learning to play any instrument, especially the piano is like learning a new language. You have to learn every aspect and every nuance carefully. Then once you have the basics right, you just have to keep on listening to the language or in this case, the music over and over again and practice it, till you get perfect. This will help you become a professional at playing the piano. To help and fulfill peoples’ yearning to learn and play piano, Rocket Piano became the leader in teaching, how to play the piano online. Thanks to Ashleigh Southam.

This is how Rocket Piano came about. It was developed to help a person learn, how to play the piano in the easiest manner. Initially the Rocket Piano Kit came out with three books that gave the learner a step-by-step guide and also included sound files that helped the learner become better, and to pick up quicker.
Now the Rocket Piano Kit is more comprehensive. It comes not only with the lesson books, but also with song files that teach the learner, how to play piano songs in a systematic stepwise method. The new Rocket Piano kit comes with four exclusive computer games – Jayde Musica Pro, Chordinator, Keycelerator and Perfect your Pitch.

The most important thing for Rocket Piano is to teach people, how to play the piano and not just show that they are mediocre pianists, but help them to become professionals and experts. Rocket Piano helps learners to play the piano by ear as well. This means that whatever song is played on the radio, or on TV, with Rocket Piano you can play it by just listening to it once, and not depending on music sheets and moody music teachers.
Rocket Piano comes with sound and video clips. These sound clips are split into parts, so that it becomes easier for the learner to learn the piece by ear. The reason for this is that you can play any song listening by ear on piano and you never have to spend money on piano lessons that cost close to $30 per hour which can be very frustrating and unproductive.

The great thing about Rocket Piano is that you can learn it at your own pace and convenience. There is no time span, and you can learn from your mistakes. You can take your own time, however long you need to learn, without bothering about that $30 per hour fee, which you would otherwise have to pay. Rocket Piano also helps you read music, understand chords and write music. All you have to do is buy the Rocket Piano Kit.

Lets discuss each of the components of the kit separately:

  1. Books – the books come in a set of three e-books. That means you do not have to physically read them since they are in the electronic format, which makes them convenient. The beginner’s book starts with teaching you to learn the piano almost immediately. The other books help you advance to intermediate and advanced levels quite quickly. The books are well written and with sufficient illustrations, to help you understand them without glitches. The books also come with audio files. These audio files when combined with the books help you grasp the different techniques of playing the piano, like playing solo, finger techniques, arpeggios, jazz piano, improvisation and other tricks and techniques quite effectively. And for all those expert pianists out there, there is the advanced learning techniques e-book, which is great for those who are always ready to learn more and more.

  2. Video lessons – these video lessons give you a very realistic approach at learning the piano. You can watch ‘live’ lessons and learn what to do and what not to do quite well. The video lessons compliment the audio files and e-books well, as they give visual demonstrations of what needs to be done and how. Video lessons are a must for any instrument learning kit, and the ones that are provided with Rocket Piano are of par-excellence.

  3. Games – the kit comes with four software games that make learning to play the piano fun and interactive. Perfect your Pitch Pro – this game is all about learning how to get the right pitch, and is necessary for those who cannot recognize music by ear. It is very important that your musical ear be well tuned, and Perfect your Pitch Pro helps you do that quite perfectly, in a short span of time.
    1. Jayde Musica Pro – this software game will teach you how to read music. Have you ever looked at a music sheet with bewilderment? JAYDE MUSICA PRO will help you overcome this bewilderment quite easily. This game focuses on single note recognition.
    2. Chordinator and Keycelerator – these two software games help you sharpen up on what you have learnt with JAYDE MUSICA PRO. Where JAYDE MUSICA PRO deals with single notes of music, these software games deal with reading music sheets with chords and notes.
  4. Virtual Metronome Software – though this software is easily found on Goggle and is free, it is well planned and created.

  5. Email Consultation – the best thing about these email consultations is that they are free after you purchase the kit, and that is quite a steal in itself, considering how expensive piano lessons are these days.

  6. Updates – Rocket Piano kit allows you to get free lifetime updates. This means that every time there is an improved version of the product, you are entitled to the benefits at no extra cost.

The Piano is not the easiest instrument out there to learn. If you are to sit and learn, how to play the old fashioned way, with endless and mind numbing lessons with a jaded teacher, you are going to lose your interest for music. Rocket Piano is the perfect way to learn the piano on your own. It is fast, effective and satisfying where results are concerned. Who knows, you may be the next Beethoven, Tchaikovsky or the ever-popular Elton John. Your name may also figure among the list of best pianists in the world. All you have to do is get your hands on Rocket Piano.

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